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Yellow Jacket Fencing Club

Spring 2019 Practice Times!
Tuesdays 8-10pm (regular)
Thursdays 8-10pm (regular)
Fridays 5-7pm (free fencing)
Sundays 5-7pm (competition team)
@ CRC 4th Floor Back Courts

Frequently Asked Questions

Fencing Questions

What is fencing?

Fencing, the sport of swordfighting, is the second-fastest sport in the Olympics (second only to shooting). The sport consists of three weapons: foil, epee, and sabre, which each have a unique set of skills and rules. To learn more about fencing, please look at the About section of the website.

What safety equipment is used?

All practice and competition weapons are blunt, and protective clothing and masks are wore at all times. Masks are routinely checked for the required 350-Newton bib protection and 12kg punch test.

What do I wear to practice?

Comfortable athletic wear such as gym shorts and tennis shoes are recommended. Provided protective will be placed over your clothes.

Does your club have all three weapons?

Yes! Our club has active squads in foil, epee, and sabre.

Do you have electric scoring equipment?

Yes, our club has 6 sets of electric scoring boxes and reels.

On a scale of 1-10, how cool is fencing?


Membership Questions

Where and when do you practice?

Check the top-right corner of the website for the latest updates in practice times and place.

At the CRC 4th floor, Basketball Court 5 (the back court).

Click here for a campus map.

How much does club membership cost?

Membership cost only $50/semester and includes:

  • All equipment rentals
  • Training with our coaches and captains
  • Traveling expenses (excluding food)
  • Many tournament entry fees
  • Club social events

Who is eligible for membership?

"Sport clubs are made up entirely of any student, staff, or faculty member that has paid their activity fee for either the semester or year that they are enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology. All sport clubs are open to anyone that meets these criteria." - GT Sports Club Handbook

Do I need fencing experience to join the club?

Nope! In fact, most fencers in the club started fencing in the YJFC. Both newbies and veteran fencers are welcome to join.

When can I join?

Members can join at any time during the Fall and Spring semesters.

How much of a time commitment is it?

There is no minimum attendance requirement to be a member of the club; however, practice attendance of 50% is required to be eligible to run for a club officer position. In addition, attendance is taken into consideration when travel space is limited. Tournament attendance is encouraged but not required.

How much will my equipment cost?

Nothing! The club has a fully-stocked armory, and all members enjoy the ability to borrow club equipment for each practice and tournament.

Do you guys do anything other than fence?

We do! The club sponsors several awesome social events throughout the semester, including a Murder Mystery Party, a scavenger hunt, and team dinners! Join our mailing list to hear all about them!

Who can I contact if I have other questions about membership?

You can email our president or any of the other officers for any questions.

USFA & Tournament Questions

Is the club a member of the USFA?

Yes, the club is a registered USFA member club.

What is the USFA?

The United States Fencing Association is an organization that oversees many large tournaments in the US. To attend a USFA-rated tournament, you must be a competitive member. As the majority of the tournaments that Yellow Jacket Fencing attends are USFA-sponsored, our competitive members are encouraged to obtain a competitive membership. However,

How do I get a USFA competitive membership?

To get a USFA competitive membership, click this link for membership pricing and instructions on how to join the USFA or renew your membership. A 1-day competitive membership can be purchased for $25. Starting August 2014, USFA offers collegiate competitive memberships for $40. See USFA membership pricing for more info.

How can I compete in tournaments with the club?

Weekly newsletters are sent out through the mailing list, which includes forms to sign-up�s for tournaments. If travel is space-limited, team captains will select members based on attendance and recent performance to attend. To compete in USFA-sponsored tournaments, a USFA competitive membership is required.

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